Emily Oberg: Sporty & Rich


The absolute greatest thing you can be is yourself. Not cool, popular, attractive, funny, or any opinionated-based characteristic... But simply, yourself. By being the best possible version of yourself, you have the opportunities to create your own brand and accomplish things in a unique way that no one else would be capable of doing. There is a special kind a power that comes with having a strong sense of who you are... You have the power to creatively turn your interests into your career, and so your career becomes an accurate reflection of your lifestyle, and your lifestyle ends up being what you used to dream about, and everything just makes sense for you, and it's almost like you're.... Emily Oberg. 21 year old Emily Oberg, from Canada, is an Editorial Producer for Complex News in New York... And she is quickly becoming a positive-spirited influencer in media and fashion by working hard and being nice. Her exquisite taste in street wear, art and music makes her a natural being of effortless style and good vibes. She personifies an all-around awesome girl who has taken her interests and desired lifestyle and begun turning it into a career and brand of her own.


While she works for Complex, and on other artistic projects, she recently launched her own clothing line Sporty & Rich as well.... And she doesn't call it that because she has a lot of money.

One can be rich in more ways than just financially ballin' — they can be rich in love, happiness, kindness and positive energy. The Sporty & Rich lifestyle brand is a reflection of a laid-back style and an overall good life; idealistic unisex clothing for anyone who can relate to the message it conveys.

Emily also takes her interest in music and uses it as a way to express herself as a DJ. She has made various mixes for publications like Sweat The Style, KNEON Magazine, Girls on Film, and my personal favorite.... A Neptunes production-inspired mix. I've been listening to her Neptunes compilation just about every afternoon lately and it'll be a good playlist for your Sunday afternoon too.

Listen to the mix from her Soundcloud below, check out Sporty & Rich (http://sportyandrich.com) + follow her @EmilyeOberg.

(Image Courtesy: Emily Oberg, Fahim Kassam)