Bryson Tiller x TRAPSOUL


The official release of Bryson Tiller's debut album, TRAPSOUL, is October 2nd but it was made available for streaming on Apple Music this past Friday, September 25th. As a fan of his for some time now, I couldn't wait for this new release that [almost] sent me into the deepest depths of my feelings. The TRAPSOUL album is a reflection of Bryson Tiller's unique artistic approach as he effortlessly transitions from R&B melodies to freestyle raps on the same verse... He's got no real need for features and his flow is so good that he had to create his own genre for it!


Bryson Tiller's rising career is another tale of how true greatness takes time and patience. If you listen back on his mixtapes, you can hear the improvements he has made with his sound from the production end of it to his lyrics.

In an interview with Revolt TV Bryson explains how his single "Don't," a song about how he wants to start treating his girl better before another dude steps up and takes his place, was one of the first songs he made while getting back into music after taking a two year break to work different jobs.

I was eager to make that song because I hadn’t recorded a song in over a year or two. I stopped doing music to focus on a job and take care of my daughter. So I finally got some money from some friends—$600 to buy studio equipment. I bought it all off of eBay and put it in my living room.

I was eager. I’d get off of work like man “I hope my mic came in today,” or “man I hope my speakers came in today.” So I came home one day, seen everything and hooked it up. I went on SoundClick and got this beat, “Don’t.” I uploaded it onto my computer and I recorded it. It was crazy. I was just chillin’ in my room.

I didn’t expect to make a song that was going to change my life at all. I was just like “alright cool, this is a beat on the internet, let me make a song to it.” I just made it. — via Revolt TV

Along with "Don't" the 14-track album also includes "Been That Way" and "Sorry Not Sorry" which were two more Soundcloud favorites of his fans.

If you don't have Apple Music or haven't had a chance to check it out, I strongly suggest you grab a copy of TRAPSOUL for yourself this week. It's the perfect album for the car and just when you need something good to listen to.

Track List: 1. Intro (Difference) 2. Let Em' Know 3. Exchange 4. For However Long 5. Don't 6. Open Interlude 7. Ten Nine Fourteen 8. The Sequence 9. Rambo 10. 502 Come Up 11. Sorry Not Sorry 12. Been That Way 13. Overtime 14. Right My Wrongs

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