This weekend has been filled with good music and good vibes for DARLA. We traveled a few hours out of town to see Bibi Bourelly as she kicked off her Free The Real tour this past Friday at U Street Music Hall in Washington, D.C.  Following her first show of the tour, Bibi moved on to Philadelphia where she will perform at the Made in America Festival later on today. Bibi's music emulates strength and power; from her vocals alone to her lyrical ability... And after seeing it up close and personal, I truly believe that the Free The Real tour and project will make a change in the world for the better. That one night alone has inspired me in every aspect of life from my career + never giving up on my dreams to my culture; observing how a room full of people with unique styles, backgrounds, and races can sing the same songs and dance together was a beautiful thing.

The show kicked off with a set from PJ, an Atlantic Records recording artist who shared her story of working at a supermarket making, "Nickels and Dimes" before she got signed to a label. Relentlessly pursuing her passion of creating music and not feeding in to all the people told her she'd never make it lead her to the where she is at this very moment. It's all about trusting the process.

One of my favorite parts about concerts is being introduced to new artists through opening acts. I was unfamiliar with PJ's music before this night, but her songs and most recent project, Rare, have already been put into my daily rotation. (I'm listening to her right now!)

Bibi Bourelly has an inspiring story as well, as she used the law of attraction and determination to land a studio session with Rihanna where she wrote, "Bitch Better Have My Money" for her. Writing songs and working with other artists opened the door for Bibi to be able put out music of her own and tour the world... She literally went, "From high school to Hollywood, from Hollywood to stadiums, from stadiums to the whole wide world singing my song along, Berlin to Tokyo, Egypt to USA..."

In interviews that Bibi has done in the past, she expressed how writing and creating music is something that has come natural to her, her whole life. The same way a child learns how to speak and understand a language is the same way she learned music. Being the daughter of a guitarist, Bibi grew up touring with her father and never questioned whether or not if she was made to be an artist herself.

With the release of her EP, Free The Real pt. 1, she created a sound and a lane of her own like a true Rockstar G... And with the support of an amazing band (especially the guitarist), Bibi Bourelly gifted us with a night that we'll remember forever. Thank you.

MAKE SURE YOU HIT UP THE FREE THE REAL TOUR WHEN IN STOPS IN YOUR CITY!! Meet new people, join the #BBsociety, and share what's real to you with the world.


Photo c/o Def Jam Records

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