Tinashe has recently dropped a 15-track project titled Nightride as the first piece to the Joyride album that is expected to release in 2017. An accompanying visual to Nightride (featured above) gives a vivid insight to Tinashe's artistry as she is, indisputably, a game changer in the new era of R&B. The presence of her underground roots can still be felt in her work despite this being the second full-length project released under RCA, and her lyrics continuously reflect independence, taking control, and the mystical powers of a baddass woman. Upon the release of Nightride on November 4th, Tinashe went to Twitter to express what the project means to her:

This is the beginning of the journey, one puzzle piece that makes me who I am both as an artist and a human. Being human is about embracing the many different sides of you rather than trying to limit, label, or box yourself in...Nightride is an expression of that duality.

Nightride is currently available for purchase on iTunes and for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Listen + Share.