The moment I was introduced to Sabrina Claudio's music, I became a fan of her captivating vocals and effortless lyrical flow. The 20-year old Miami born and raised artist has been making music since age 14 and is now feeling empowered having found a voice of her own upon recently moving to Los Angeles (via The Creative Mag). Above is the audio visual to "Confidently Lost," a current favorite song of mine that also shares the same title as her latest EP. "Confidently Lost" discusses being comfortable with oneself and embracing the beauty in uncertainness. The process of making it to where you want to be is the best part; we learn invaluable lessons about ourselves and gain new experiences that allow us to constantly evolve and bloom into a beautiful being.

I'm alone but I'm not lonely, Countably indulging, And tryna get to know me, I'm just an outline of what I used to be, Constantly evolving, Steadily revolving...

I am confidently lost, I don't need you to find me, You don't define me, I am confidently lost, I don't need you to find me, Cause I'm not hiding, Anything.

Sabrina Claudio is, for sure, an up and coming artist that I look forward to hearing more from in the future! You can listen to her full EP, Confidently Lost below via her Soundcloud profile and follow her @SabrinaClaudio.