A Parisian Dream Come True


Upon my arrival, as any normal fashionista would, I had very high expectations of Paris. I wanted to admire the highly reptutable beauty of the city... I wanted to strut down the streets as if I owned them and see others do the same... I longed to be inspired by the depths of history revolving around the native designers and artist, Leonardo De Vinci to be exact.... I expected the Parisians to be a little arrogant as they believe Paris to be the best city on the planet and quite frankly, not too many other people can argue with that... I simply wanted to do all of the cliche "20 Top Things To Do While Visiting Paris" that make it, well Paris... And for the first time, not to my surprise, everything was exactly as I imagined it would be. People were not kidding when they told me, "You will fall in love in Paris!"'